Here’s why Video Marketing is the Next Big Thing in Digital Marketing

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February 16, 2018
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July 5, 2018
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Here’s why Video Marketing is the Next Big Thing in Digital Marketing

‘Video traffic will make up 80% of the entire web traffic by 2019. –  SmallBizTrends

Looking at the statistical analysis mentioned above, it won’t be wrong to say that Video is going to be the NEXT BIG THING in marketing. In fact, plenty of people believe that it is already a big thing.

But what makes is such a powerful tool? Well, here is a look at the reasons –

  1. User engagement

Visual content can do what written content cannot – it’s as simple as that. When it comes to engaging the audience, there’s no better option than videos. In fact, when compared to textual format, users spend more time watching videos on websites. So it works as a powerful means to boost user engagement.

  1. Perfect for social media

Social media is all about keeping the users hooked up, and coming back for more. Well-crafted videos solve this purpose without any doubt. Hence it won’t be wrong to say that videos form the perfect material for a great social media post.

  1. Great ROIs

Compared to what you will spend on creating videos, the return on investment is quite huge. Therefore, businesses are moving towards using the potential of video marketing to the fullest.

These were just a few of the many reasons that make video marketing the future of SEO. If you have still not started with video marketing endeavours for your business, it is time to start it right away!

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